Terms & Conditions

The use of FairTradePeru.com is subject to the following Terms and Conditions of use that must be fulfilled by our customers and users.

These Terms and Conditions may vary at any time, reflecting said changes periodically on our website. Each time you sign in, you must carefully read the Terms and Conditions as for all legal purposes and for the sole entry into the contents of FairTradePeru.com you will accept these Terms and Conditions and their modifications.

Purchase Process:

Through our portal, Bridge of Hope offers a varied portfolio of products that are made by the different artisan groups with which we work following the principles of Fair Trade.

When making a purchase in our Virtual Store, you will generate a purchase request, which must be previously approved by us. Only the approval of this request will give rise to a contract of sale between Bridge of Hope and the client.

Takes into account the following additional considerations:

  • The section of the virtual store via shopping cart is exclusively for retail sale or retail sale for final consumers, therefore there are minimum and maximum purchase amounts due to the fact that a single tariff is applied for international shipments.
  • The minimum amount of online purchase is USD $ 70.00 and the maximum amount is USD $ 350.00, for larger amounts go to the Wholesale section (wholesale).
  • In most cases we have the products in stock, in the case that we do not have the product at the time the order is made we would take, at the most, 10 days to produce the product.
  • Regarding the method of delivery, we apply a fixed rate per geographical area according to the rates of the Postal Services Company of Peru (SERPOST), using the EMS service that has an approximate delivery date of 7 days (this service has restricted coverage for some countries).
  • If you make a mistake in the purchase request (error in delivery address, personal data, quantity of products, or other) you should cancel the purchase immediately and proceed with a new application.

Stock prices and promotions:


  • The availability of the products to choose from on our website will be subject to the stock availability of the virtual store, the fact that a product appears published on the site does not necessarily imply that there is available stock of it. This stock will only be reserved if you already have the approval of your online purchase, which would be communicated in a timely manner.
  • In the absence of stock of any of the products you requested, we will contact you to inform you about it. In this stage you can decide between:
    • Accept the purchase of the remaining products, and we only invoice the amount of said products
    • Accept the production time of the missing product and keep the initial purchase order
    • cancel the order
  • The images and colors of the products on the website are referential and may vary with respect to the physical product.
  • Offers, promotions, prices of products and services published on our website, will be valid only as long as they appear on our website and will not be applicable to other sales channels, such as physical stores, catalogs or others.
  • The means of payment accepted for transactions via shopping cart is the bank transfer and once the transfer has been made, the client must send the same copy for verification by email to expedite the shipping process.

Return Policy:

Under our policy of customer service we offer the possibility to return the purchased product, provided that the following is true:

  • The maximum period to request the return of the defective product due is 7 calendar days once received.
  • To support the return of the defective product, the client must send images where the defect is shown.
  • Once the application and the prior photographic verification of the defective product have been accepted, the refund of the invoice will be coordinated.