About Us

Bridge of Hope is an initiative of the Peruvian Joining Hands Network, an ecumenical network made up of 14 community groups, churches and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who believe that, in this era of globalization, it is important to work on the international level as well as local to have a real impact on the policies which define the context within which poor and marginalized people live.

Bridge of Hope is confronting the root causes of poverty by providing an alternative way of doing business, in order that the artisans from the most impoverished areas of the country have the opportunity for development and direct access to markets.

The objective is to facilitate access to the market in optimal conditions and create conditions and commercial mechanisms that are more just at a local, regional, and international level. We promote Fair Trade in order to offer the producers and artisans of Peru acceptable social and labor conditions and a just wage for their work.